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e are small, hobby breeder/exhibitors located in Texas.
Our dogs are family companions first, show dogs second.
We believe in health testing for genetic defects before
breeding, and our dogs' results are registered with
CERF and OFA. We do not breed often, and when we
do it is to produce our next show prospect, not to make
money off of selling puppies, therefore, we seldom have
any puppies available. When we do, they are placed in
carefully selected homes.

We feed our dogs a combination diet of raw meaty bones,
and human grade organic ingredient premium dog food.  
We also follow a
reduced vaccine protocol, and avoid
over vaccination of our pets. More information regarding
raw  feeding and new vaccine protocol can be found
on our
"LINKS" page.

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Contact information: Kim Rutherford (903) 388-2505 briobostons@earthlink.net
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We are proud to be acknowledged by AKC as a
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