2011 BTCA Futurity
BORN 9/13/2010
::Litter Pedigree::
CH Brio's Vigilante
Viggo finished his championship in
only 4 weekends, undefeated from
the BBE class, with 3 major wins.
We are excited to see what he and
Story produce, in their first
litter each.
Brio's Once Upon A Time
Story has both majors and has
been exclusively shown from
the BBE class. She will finish
her championship after taking a
break to have her first litter.
Viggo and Story Babies!
For consideration of a
puppy from this litter,
please fill out the inquiry
and note "Viggo x Story"
in the comment box.
© 2010 Brio Bostons
© 2010 Brio Bostons
© 2010 The Winning Image.com
The puppies are pictured below, and we are having such a fun time with them.
They each have their own distinct personality, and are so funny to watch and to
play with. There is nothing more entertaining than Boston babies (or adults, for
that matter!). They are already champion couch snugglers, too. :) The names are
subject to change, we are just trying to see what "fits". So, enjoy the pics, and
check back each Monday for updates!
Brio 'N T-Bo's Tabloid Story (Paris) at 9 weeks
Staying at Brio Bostons, showing in 2011
Brio's Breaking Story (Buzz) at 9 weeks
Staying at Brio Bostons, showing in 2011
Brio's Never Ending Story (Epic) at 9 weeks
Owned by Rebecca Sheridan-McVicar, showing in 2011
Brio's Storybook Hero at Ivy Rose (Lance) at 9 weeks
Owned by Claudia Dickinson, showing in 2011
The whole crew, above at a couple of hours old