Heaven couldn't wait for Georgie any longer, and today was the day
for him to leave us. I was waiting for him to tell me when he was ready,
and with his expressive eyes, glued to mine with all he had in him, I knew
that he was telling me that he had to go. He gave me one more "hug",
his special way of tucking his head up against my neck under my chin,
a gesture that I know took so much of his strength to give me. He took
his final journey before the vet could assist him. Typical Georgie, always
wanting to do things his own way. :o)

Our special little boy wasn't a "show" dog, but he showed love, and was
shown love, every day of his life. His deep chocolate brown eyes reflected
the beautiful soul that was inside his 9 lb, cleft lip, little body, that was as
precious to me as any of the champions in his pedigree. Georgie had other
underlying birth defects, besides the cleft lip, that took a while to manifest,
but if I had to do it over again, I would still refuse the suggestion to
euthanize him at birth, by the vet who delivered him and his litter
mates, and once again, show him each and every day how
special and loved he was.

Georgie now rests between a pecan and a magnolia tree in our yard.
I am thankful that he made it until we were in our new home to leave us,
because I would have been so sad to leave his little grave behind.

Heaven waited 2 years and 4 months for Georgie to arrive,
and it was worth the wait. I thank God for the time you were here.
Enjoy your new home, sweet boy.
You will always have a place in our hearts.


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