Watch for the 'BT LOCOmotion', rolling through dog shows in various parts of the
Southwest!  Comprised of Breeders/Owner Handlers,  whose mission is  to better the
breed of Boston Terrier, by first treating them as a beloved pet, then secondly as a
dog that is worthy of representing the breed standard in the conformation ring and
beyond (and of course, to have as much good, clean fun as possible, while doing so!).
They all have a great time when they are together, and make each show that they meet up
at a "family" reunion. They hail from Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and some parts
yet unknown!  Wherever you see the shirt, stop by and say hello, the Locos won't
bite (most of them, at least)!

The current "LOCO" logo shirt design:

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"It's the journey that's important, with experience and knowledge to be
gained along the way, in the company of our faithful dogs and our good
friends." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Above: San Antonio, TX, March 2010
Below: Dallas, TX, July 2010
We found out the hard way
that Zuzu can't swim!
"Here Bindy,
Did somebody
the most
All pictures © 2011 Brio Bostons