Brio Bostons began with the addition of our very first Boston Terrier,
on March 29, 2003.  "Elle" came to us at 4 months of age, from her breeder,
Suzanne Shiloh. I had inquired  of Maxine Uzoff (Oui Bostons) about the
availability of a quality Boston puppy,  and she had nothing at the time,
but referred me to Suzanne, who had  puppies available sired by Maxine's male,
Ch. Oui's Victor Victorious.  We bought a female puppy  from Suzanne, and
named her Motif's Simply Elegant Of Brio,  "Elle", as she is known,  was originally
bought to be a Junior showmanship dog for Whitney, who was 9 years old at
the time, to practice with until she was big enough to show our boxers,
but once she arrived, we were hooked on Bostons from that moment on.  
Elle quickly proved her worth, both in the show ring, and as the foundation for
our lines, and she is now
CH. Motif's Simply Elegant of Brio, ROM*

Elle went on to finish her championship by 10 months of age, with 3 majors, and very
limited showing. At the 2004 BTCA National, she was received and AOM. Once she was
finished,   the search was on for another Boston to join our family. We found him in
Canada, through a referral from Judy Criswell, of Juwells Bostons, and Baron came
to our family at 11 weeks of age, on Whitney's 11th birthday. He is now
Ch. Burling's Red Baron For Brio, CGC, RN, ROM owner handled by Whitney
(including 3 major wins, BOB's from the classes, and a Group 3 on the day he finished)
to his titles. He is the sire of 11 champions, from  VERY limited breeding,
with more pointed towards their championship.

At the time that we got Elle, we were showing our Boxer,
CH. Mi-T's Double Stuff thanks to our good friend, his handler Sharon Kang),
and no one could have convinced me that I would love any breed more than
my precious boxers. Elle changed my mind in one day. While we are still actively
involved in breeding and exhibiting
AKC champion Boxers, Boston Terriers are
now equal, or maybe a bit higher, in my esteem as my all time favorite breed of dog.

Our kennel name of "Brio" is Italian, and means "enthusiastic vigor".  We wanted
a short name that described our passion for this breed, and "BRIO" was perfect!

We bred Elle and Baron to produce their first litter each, and the results were 5 beautiful
baby Bostons.
Ch. Brio 'N T-Bo's Flying Tiger, Ch. Brio's Avenging Angel,
Ch. Brio's Mtnview Ventura, Ch. Brio's Sonic Boom, and Ch. Brio's Sky Patrol
all from our first litter of Bostons. Of their 2nd litter, a repeat breeding, there is now
Ch. Brio's Surfin' USA For Vivo. These beautiful get are now producing champions of their
own.  Baron currently has 9 champions to his credit, from very limited breedings, and
several more pointed. Elle is the dam of 7 champions, and is now spayed and
continuing her career as the "Queen Bee" of the pack. :)

We do not breed to supply the pet market, or to make a profit off of the puppies that we
sell. We only breed to produce our next show prospect, and any puppy that we do not
keep is placed in carefully screened homes, on show or companion contracts, as
applicable.  We believe in quality over quantity, and that every dog is special and
should be a part of the family, and not kept in a kennel outside. Our house gets
crowded at times, forcing us to make decisions about placing a dog or two, but only
the best homes possible are found before any of them are re-homed.  

We are hooked on Bostons for life, and are looking forward to some exciting things
in our exhibiting/breeding program in the years to come. We appreciate all of the people
who we have met along the way, and have learned valuable lessons from each of them.
Lasting bonds of friendship have been formed through some of our extended
Boston family, and we are very grateful that we have the opportunity to have such
wonderful people in our lives.

We thank the Lord for leading us to the right people at the right time to be able to
have the foundation for success that would not be possible without our first
two wonderful Bostons,
Ch. Motif's Simply Elegant of Brio, ROM* and
Ch. Burling's Red Baron For Brio, CGC, RN, ROM.

Thank you for visiting our website, and check back often for updates
about Brio Boston accomplishments in and out of the show ring!

Kim and Whitney Rutherford

Above: Junior Handler, Whitney, and our foundation, "Elle" and "Baron"

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