Daveren's Alien Invasion at Sparta
"Agent J"

"AJ" (above at 10 weeks)

DOB: May 29, 2012
SIre: Ch. Legacy's Gold-en Nugget
Dam: Ch. Daveren's Riptide
Breeder: Jill Eastman
Owners: Kim and Whitney Rutherford, and Jill Eastman

"Agent J" is a German Pinscher puppy, that came to us from his breeder, Jill
Eastman, of
Daveren German Pinschers, in New Mexico. He arrived at 10
weeks of age, via United Airlines, and stepped out of his crate that the airport
unphased by the journey, and giving kisses. Since he came from the land of the
aliens, we thought that an outer space themed name was appropriate. He is
named after Will Smith's character, Agent J, from the Men In Black Movies. :) He
has fit right into our family, and we love his fun loving, easy going, fearless nature,
and look forward to his ring debut this winter. We wanted a dog from the working
group, with minimal grooming, and something smaller than our Boxers, but not as
small as the Bostons. After researching a few breeds, the German Pinscher was
the one that met our specifications. We are looking forward to our venture into
this new breed, and meeting other GP fanciers along the way.



Below at 8 weeks